Born in 1991, I spent my preteen years in Bakersfield, California, at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley. This is where I did the usual kid things like playing with imaginary friends and going to private Catholic schools. I would sum up my childhood experience as gaining proficiency with Pokémon and Game Boy Color.

In the sixth grade, my family moved 90 miles to the north east to a small town called Ridgecrest, located in the Mojave Desert. Ridgecrest is considered the gateway to Death Valley. Nothing much happened until I was in the eighth grade when I had my first and only HTML class. I was more worried about what I was going to do after school, since the HTML class was the last class of the day. I do not know if I actually came out learning HTML or if HTML has taken over my life, because little did I know that one day I would be practically living on the Internet.


I will sum up my Burroughs High School experience in four words, "pain in the ass." I was the silent rebellious kid that did not want to be in the class room learning. I would rather have just read Wikipedia and saved myself the time. Fortunately, there were wonderful teachers who influenced me, two of which were Mark Pierce, who was the Engineering teacher, and Timothy Matyas, one of the history teachers. Mr. Pierce ran a program called Project Lead the Way and was always pushing me to do better work. He was definitely the deciding factor between me slacking off or actually having fun and creating something that had meaning. My history teacher, Mr. Matyas, helped me to become a more critical thinker. Some of the things I learned were to stand up for what I believed in, not let others affect who I am, and to always challenge the status quo tomake this world a small bit better.

Since I have mentioned some people, let me continue and highlight a couple more persons. One is a longtime friend, Kevin LaBrie, who endured Catholic education with me. Kevin also introduced me to another now long-time friendship, Brandon Gandy. Brandon is the one I have to thank for getting me interested in the web and teaching me the basics of Photoshop, which is the main platform from which I design.

Currently, I am studying Computer Engineering in the Lyles College of Engineering at California State University, Fresno. I currently also work as a Freelance Web Developer. The people I have met while working in this wonderful trade have had an influence on me. One is an awesome graphic designer named Jenn Her. Check her work out. Also check out my friend Bianca she is also quite talented. Since I am name dropping my sister also happens to do illustration so if you need a logo look her up Gail Rall.

My story shall continue...

Feel free to contact me, even if it's just to go grab a pizza at 1am.

-Sean W. Rall



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